Production Crew

Written, Narrated, and Directed by Churchill Roberts

Associate Producer
Chenfeng Liang

Assistant Producers
Xinyu Li
Yumeng Yang
Zeyu Song

Editor and Director of Photography
Nan Zhang

Assistant Editor
Xiao Xiao
Yifei Zheng

Consulting Editor
Cindy Hill

Production Assistants
Claire Chen
Han Dong
Juan Wang
Tianlong Li

Translations by
Cindy Xin
Qian Wang
Ran Li
Yifan Wen

Narration recorded at the studios of
University of Florida
College of Journalism & Communications
Division of Multimedia Properties

Web design by
Renato Bellucci
Ruoshui Yuan
Ruowen Wang
Katherine March

The Curse of the Terracotta Warriors is a production
of the Documentary Institute
Major Funding Provided by
The National Endowment for the Arts
College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida